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HDDTC dog training club Surrey

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Please select from our Club contact information below - we look forward to hearing from you.

  PUPPY / SOCIALISATION CLASS [Grayshott]  -  Alan Johnson  T: 01420 475222  E: click here for puppy class

Please note - puppy class runs on a 7 week course and places need to be pre booked and paid for in advance - thank you.

  OBEDIENCE CLASS [Grayshott]  -  Beryl Greenslade  E: click here for obedience

  AGILITY CLASS [Frensham Priory]  -  Judy Steel  E: click here for agility

  RALLY O CLASS [Frensham Priory]  -  Judy Steel  E: click here for rally_o

  CLUB CHAIR  -  Sue Thornton T: 01428 717604

  CLUB SECRETARY  [General enquiries]  -  Manda Kimbery  E: click here to enquire

  MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY   -  Alan Johnson  T: 01420 475222  E: click here for membership